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He’s been pulled at, chewed, slobbered on, ripped, thrown and sat on.  I’m not talking about our cat Henry (however that has been his fate from time to time).  I’m talking about Ford’s favorite book (for now) Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown.  There is nothing greater than when a child finds a relationship in a book.  Ford may be a little rough with his books at times, and once or twice too rough so they need mending or put up, but he’s exploring, playing, and interacting with his friends and sometimes someone gets a bump or bruise.

From the beginning I’ve tried my best to make books a huge part of his daily routine.  Now that he’s a little older, Dora and Mickey Mouse have found their way to the TV and he enjoys watching for a bit (and mommy enjoys 30 minutes of quiet and stillness).  But he gets tired of watching TV and he’s off to something else.  TV isn’t the devil; if you choose wisely what children watch it can be a learning time.  But Ford always has access to some of his books in a tote on the floor and when I can tell he’s not interested in those for some time I’ll switch them out for new ones.  All of a sudden it’s Christmas day in our house.  He looks in his tote, knows there are books inside he hasn’t seen (or remember seeing) and he’s in that tote all day looking through the books.  We do the same thing with his toys but there is a different excitement about a box full of “new” books.  He can bring the books to mommy and spend time with her reading…one great feeling.  And now that he’s almost two, he is sitting more patiently for longer stories which means here comes the paper books.

We have held off letting him have access to the paper books simply because there are just so fun to rip.  Whoever invented the board book must have had a little shredder child like I do.  Give him a Kleenex and we have a white Christmas in July in our living room.  But Ford certainly has his favorite board books and we thought we would share them with you in case you are looking to expand the library for your little one.


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

This book has both black and white pictures as well as color.  I try and use the black and white pictures to show him what words are being used (The COW and the THREE little BEARS sitting on CHAIRS).  And now that he’s observing more we take the black and white picture and try and find it in the color picture on the next page.  He’s quite good at this.


I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak

Even I love this book through and through.  This book is great for teaching body parts, emotions and activities your child does every day (like hair and eyes, giggles and cries, mad, sad, running and walking).  Ford loves pointing to all his parts and doing the emotions that the little boy is doing in the book.  And as a mommy I LOVE that it says that we love our little ones no matter what!


What’s Up Duck by Tad Hills

Oh my, this book will always hold a very special place in my heart.  This book has a cute little duck and goose that go through opposites: up-down, back-front, loud-quiet.  The first time Ford started doing the actions I put to it, I thought I had THE most intelligent child in the world.  And you know what, I do (we all do)!


Counting Kisses by Karen Katz

This is a very quick and easy read that teaches counting and body parts.  Ten little toes, one little nose.  The first line in the book is so sweet, “My tired little baby, do you need a kiss?”  And every time I read that line I get a little kiss from my baby…love it.


Hug Hug! by Lorie Ann Grover

This is a rhyming book with animals that hug with ears, rears, necks and with a peck.  At the end of the book I get a big hug from my baby and, to me, that makes this book priceless.


Little Blue Truck and Little Blue Truck Leads The Way by Alice Schertle

Well one of the reasons why Ford loves these books is that his Aunt ZeZe gave it to him (that’s Mrs.B to you).  This adorable Little Blue Truck teaches patience, friendship, and doing what’s right.  It has a rhyme-y, sing-song flow that gets him to sit still and listen.  They also teach animal sounds in the first book (that Ford loves to do) and emotions in the second (that I show him the facial expression to match).

We could go on and on about all the books he loves but these are the time-tested ones for Ford.  I hope you can share with us some of your children’s favorites in the comments below.  Remember, let them grab, slobber, play, run with their books.  They’re just spending time with their friends.

Mrs. V

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